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Pepper B - workspace (3)
Hi Friends! Today I’m sharing a bit about me and my little workspace as an introduction to what I hope (and plan) will be a regular feature on the Pepper Blog. Once a month I’ll be sharing profiles on other super inspiring local artists & designers, that I basically want to befriend/be/become cause they are such inspiring and rad girl-boss entrepreneurs. I might throw a few rad guy-boss entrepreneurs in the mix in the future, but we’ll be starting with the ladies, because girl power, right!? Each profile will include a bit about the artist and how they got into their craft, a moodboard they’ve created of their brand and style, a look into their workspace, and a few fun questions.

Pepper B - workspace (2)Pepper B - workspace (1)
So here is goes!  I’ve already shared my moodboard in this post, and this is my little studio/ home workspace. I have big dreams of moving into a dedicated studio space someday, and I cannot wait until Pepper B. is ready to make that move. For now I work here everyday in between meeting with clients and shipping out orders!

How or when did you decide to become a designer?
I always loved science and art, and was never sure what to focus on, but the summer after Grade 11, I went to Italy for a month to take an art course. I absolutely LOVED it and decided the creative route was definitely for me.

What are your workspace essentials?
Definitely coffee, sharpie pens (the best, I tell you!), music (really loving Tame Impala’s new album right now), my planner, a notebook (I love to make lists! they help me organize my brain), and my computer of course!. Fresh flowers are always nice too.

How would you describe your design style?
Pepper B. showcases my style pretty well… bright, colourful, but also muted;  bit of a balance between happy & playful and soft & sophisticated. I love florals, and patterns, and pattern mixing. Actually, I really really LOVE pattern mixing, and that’s a big part of what Pepper B. is all about.

What’s your favourite thing to snack on while working away?
I’m a big snacker, so this could be a lot of things! I love a sliced apple with almond butter, but chocolate covered pretzels are my absolute favourite treat.

If you could be a colour what would you be?
This is hard – I like all colours! But maybe Coral; it’s girly with a bit of a twist. 🙂

xo Danni

Photos by Nicole Simmen
Room details. Chair: CB2, Lamp: Chapters Indigo, Pencil holders: Chapters Indigo, Frame: vintage, Filing cabinet: Home Sense

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