Introducing Pepper B.

Pepper B business cards
Hi Friends!

I am beyond excited to introduce my new project, Pepper B.!

Pepper B. is a happy & chic collection of home goodies and textiles that are completely designed and made in Canada. The Pepper Blog is our space to share lots of extra good stuff including snaps from the studio and design process, chats with local designers that make our hearts pitter-patter, and home styling ideas to help you create a home you love to live in.


It’s my dream project/job/product all wrapped into one and it has been equal parts terrifying and exciting making it a reality. Thank you so much to all those who pitched in and helped make this happen, and to those who have been so supportive along the way. It means the world to me and makes me SO happy to finally to show you all what I’ve been working on for months and months (and dreaming of for years and years more). I hope you’ll all be a part of the journey!

xo Danni

PS. If you are wondering why you are seeing this post without subscribing, you may have been subscribing to my old site “Hello Denj”. Although that site will no longer be around and the content will be different, I hope you’ll stick around for this next chapter; I promise it will be worth it!

1st Photo by Sarah Konyer, 2nd Photo by Nicole Simmen

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